Honoro Vera 2018 Merlot

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)
Honoro Vera 2018 MerlotMerlot from Jumilla, Spain. 100% Merlot. Medium bodied. Musky with cherry on the nose. Musky with cherry, chocolate and mocha on the palate. Oaky with a hint of pepper. Bold taste with slight acidity and soft, light tannins. Pairs well with barbecue. 14.5% ABV. Price: $9.99.

DWR-56 – Honoro Vera 2018 Merlot wine tasting and review

This is the fifty-sixth episode of the live winestream. I open, taste and review an Honoro Vera 2018 Merlot wine from Spain purchased from Winestore in Blakeney, NC. We also learn about the Merlot grape used to make this wine. I also toast birthdays and national days. I like Merlot, so I hope this one is good.

During the live show, a storm came through our area and our internet connection was sporadically going out, until it finally shut the winestream down. The audio and video continued recording, however, so the entire show is intact.

This podcast is the audio version of the video winestream, edited with consideration for the listener. Did I enjoy the wine? Do I recommend it? Listen to find out. Do you have a favorite wine you would recommend? Is there a wine you are curious about and would like me to try? Tell me what it is and I may give it a review on a future Winestream. Send your suggestions and comments to rick(at)savoiamedia.com or send them through the contact form on my website at drinkwithrick.com!