Domaine La Berthete Cotes du Rhone Les Pierrugues 2018

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)
Domaine La Berthete Cotes du Rhone 2018Les Pierrugues red blend from France. 50% grenache, 25% syrah, 25% carignan and 5% Cinsault. Medium bodied. Not a lot of aroma. Fairly fruity with black cherry notes and plum in the mouth. A little peppery. Somewhat acidic with light to medium tannins. Very smooth with a light finish. Easy wine to drink. 14.5% ABV. Price: $12.99.

DWR-30 – Domaine La Berthete Cotes du Rhone 2018 Tasting and Review

Drink With Rick

This is the thirtieth episode of the live winestream. I open, taste and review a Domaine La Berthete Cotes du Rhone 2018 red wine from France that I purchased from Winestore in Blakeney, NC. I also toast birthday, national days and talk about my day.

This podcast is the audio version of the video winestream, edited with consideration for the listener. Did I enjoy the wine? Do I recommend it? Listen to find out. Do you have a favorite wine you would recommend? Is there a wine you are curious about and would like me to try? Tell me what it is and I may give it a review on a future Winestream. Send your suggestions and comments to rick(at) or send them through the contact form on my website at!