DWR-12 – Frico Rosso 2016 Tasting and Review

This is the twelveth episode of the live winestream. I open, taste and review a Frico Rosso 2016 Tuscan red wine purchased from Winestore in the Blakeney area of Charlotte, NC. I also test and review the Vinetto wine Aerator, tell you how to avoid wine headaches, pass on a tip on aerating wine and talk about how a good wine, like the Apollo 11 moon landing, can bring people together.

This podcast is the audio version of the video winestream, edited with consideration for the listener. Did I enjoy the wine? Do I recommend it? Listen to find out. Do you have a favorite wine you would recommend? Is there a wine you are curious about and would like me to try? Tell me what it is and I may give it a review on a future Winestream. Send your suggestions and comments to rick(at)savoiamedia.com or send them through the contact form on my website at drinkwithrick.com!