The Deltas | Film Archive

In 1979 I visited my family, who were living in Chillicothe, Ohio at the time. My brother Mike and his high school friends had formed a band called The Deltas. While visiting them, I came up with an idea to shoot a short film about the band. The result was The Deltas. The film had been shown around locally in Florida and even entered in a film festival or two at the time. Unfortunately, the multiple showings and 44 years of time were not kind to the film and it wound up in disrepair.

Late last year I did some old school repairs on the film with some of my old editing equipment and sent it off to Nick Coyle for digital restoration. After getting it back, I did some additional repair and mixing with the audio. It premiered on Episode 215 of The Saturday Night Winestream during the aftershow. I think it actually looks better than it did originally 44 years ago.

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